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"I grew up walking my dog in the woods amongst the pines. It started out as a chore on the list, but in high school it quickly became a time to get away and breathe. Since moving away, every time I returned home to see Momma and Daddio, the walk with my family's dog in the wooded pines served as a sort of life checkpoint for me. Where had I been since the last time I was here? What have I accomplished? Who am I? Who do I want to be? How am I getting there? Seeing the pines blow in the wind and my dog run free without a leash, always has and always will allow me that chance to breathe and dream and evaluate. And be thankful. This pine was designed to be a tattoo that I have yet to get, but I hope it now finds its way to peoples homes and wardrobes and reminds them too to step back, breathe, and be rooted in that place that feels like home."


- Nate Schweigert

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